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Professional insurance and services in France

For all types of businesses: freelancers, farm operators, craftsmen, professional services, factories, SMEs…

liability insurance france

Professional liability insurance

What offerings are available through our agency?

For Legal Professionals:

-Insurance for personal injury cases (ATE)

-Clinical negligence insurance (ATE)


For insurance Agents and Brokers:

-Legal protection for commercial vehicles & fleets

-Business legal expense coverage

-Domestic legal expense coverage

-Legal coverage for residential property owners


Understanding Legal Expenses Coverage: Legal expenses coverage, often termed LEI, safeguards individuals or companies against potential legal fees tied to certain lawsuits.

One can opt for LEI as an added layer of protection to regular home, auto, or business insurance. This acts as a financial cushion, guarding you against unforeseen legal expenses and often comes as a supplementary feature with your primary insurance.

This ensures that you’re not financially burdened with your legal expenses and those of the opposing party.

For both BTE and ATE types of insurance, the likelihood of winning should be assessed at over 51%.

Post-Event Coverage: ATE, or After the Event insurance, acts as a shield against potential financial losses if legal proceedings don’t pan out as anticipated, covering costs like opponent legal fees, expert opinions, attorney charges, and court fees.

Pre-Event Coverage: BTE, or Before the Event insurance, is an assurance against legal costs related to initiating or fending off certain lawsuits. Typically, it’s integrated within auto, home, or business insurance. Note: We do not offer BTE as an independent policy.

BTE policies are circulated through primary insurance providers for auto, home, or business, intermediary insurance agents, and third-party claim management entities.

buildings and contents insurance france

Buildings and contents insurance

If your business infrastructure or inventory is damaged, misplaced, or stolen, property and contents insurance can assist in restoring normalcy.

Every enterprise, whether petite or vast, owning a facility might consider insurance against potential harm. They might also seek content coverage for their fixtures, fittings, and inventory, ensuring that in any adverse event, they can secure replacements or facilitate repairs.

When is it beneficial?
Claims typically come into play when structures are compromised or when replacements or fixes are required due to events like:

-Weather disturbances like storms or floods
-Water spillages
-Unintentional mishaps
-Ground sinking
-Theft or break-in attempts
-Vandalism or unlawful destruction.

business interruption insurance france

Business interruption insurance

What does business interruption insurance entail?
Unforeseen events can profoundly affect your enterprise. While business and contents insurance typically address tangible damages and losses, business interruption insurance aids in recuperating financial losses stemming from such physical damages. This encompasses financial strains like payroll obligations and lost revenue.

When is it beneficial?
Business interruption coverage becomes essential when operations are halted due to damages sustained by the business facility.

business vehicles insurance france

Business vehicles insurance

What does commercial vehicle insurance entail?
This type of insurance is tailored for business-related cars, vans, taxis, and trucks.

There are normally four types of cover:
-Third party only
-Third party, fire
and theft
-Protection for cars which are off the road (SORN)

For businesses owning multiple vehicles, considering a fleet insurance can be more cost-effective, allowing all vehicles to be insured under one policy rather than having individual insurances.

For businesses like garages or those involved in vehicle sales or services, motor trade insurance might be more fitting. Consult with your broker to determine the most suitable coverage for your needs.

Who should consider this?
Companies that operate with corporate vehicles should consider commercial vehicle insurance. For instance, if company vehicles like cars or vans are utilized for client meetings or transporting merchandise, it’s crucial to converse with your broker to ensure the most appropriate protection.

When is it applicable?
Depending on the chosen policy, commercial vehicle insurance might offer coverage for:

-Incidents on the road where your driver is responsible, such as damages to another vehicle.
-Damages inflicted by an unidentified driver or one without insurance.
-Unintentional damages.
-Theft or endeavors to steal the vehicle and/or its assets.
-Mistakenly adding the wrong fuel.

civil liability real estate
Real example for a contract : 13€ per month excluding tax


Customer profile?
Real estate agency: Transaction on buildings and business assets.

Subscribed guarantees:

  • Operational Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Criminal Defense and Recovery following an accident
fast food insurance
Real example for a contract : 322€ per month excluding tax

A well-known fast-food chain

Customer profile?
Fast food

Subscribed guarantees:

Multirisk Professional Insurance Contract
The area of the premises is 350 square meters

  • Fire and Related Events, Fire Liability, Storm, Hail, Snow, Assistance, up to 200,000 EUR for the contents of your commercial premises.
  • Water Damage, Liability for Water Damage, up to 100,000 EUR for the contents of your commercial premises.
  • Theft / Vandalism, up to 30,000 EUR for the contents of your commercial premises.
  • Glass Breakage up to: 25,000 EUR
  • Electrical Damage up to: 20,000 EUR
  • Loss of goods stored in a controlled atmosphere up to: 15,000 EUR
  • Natural Disasters
  • Terrorism
  • Business Interruption up to: 2,000,000 EUR
  • CEO Liability Insurance
  • Criminal Defense and Recovery following an accident
  • Additional coverage annex « Complementary Plus »
  • Deductible for ‘Property Damage’ overall: 480 EUR

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REAL reviews from our valued customers

Peter Parker
Peter Parker
24. Août, 2022.
Perfect and quick service in English. Thanks
1. Juin, 2022.
Advisor very helpful today regarding a query about my pet insurance. I've been a client since 2002 for all areas of insurance needs and have always found this agency provide a great service.
Ann Marie Napthine
Ann Marie Napthine
25. Mai, 2022.
We were advised to contact the agency prior to the completion of the purchase of our new home in France and were so impressed with the service provided by Rebecca, that we have also insured both of our cars as well as our house with Allianz Assurance Ernee
Margaret Scott
Margaret Scott
16. Avril, 2022.
The customer service and communication were exceptional . Celine helped us understand an unfamiliar process and was active in bringing the process to resolution.
Jenny Bellamy
Jenny Bellamy
13. Avril, 2022.
Always helpful and very responsive, recommended *****
Adrian Pollock
Adrian Pollock
11. Avril, 2022.
Great support from Allianz.
Ellen A.
Ellen A.
10. Avril, 2022.
Wonderful agency. So very responsive and helpful, particularly for expats like us who require insurance coverage on French properties. English speakers. Documents provided in French and English. Top notch response on the one claim we had to submit a few years ago for a small electrical fire. Coverage saved us almost 1500 euros. Highly recommended.
Robert McConnell
Robert McConnell
8. Avril, 2022.
Very helpful and friendly staff who are super knowledgeable and helped me to not only get insurance but also register my new car in my name. The whole team is speak perfect English and moved my case along quickly when I had some time pressure by providing a temporary pass. Very happy that I went with this company!
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