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Civil liability insurance is highly recommended in France and may be required to rent a property or work in a company. This insurance may be included in a housing contract, but if you don’t have a housing contract, you will need to take out a separate policy.

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Looking for a new civil liability insurance or aiming to get better coverage? Whether you want to pay less or have other reasons, we’re here to advise you on choosing insurance that fits both your needs and your budget.


Public liability insurance in France

Here are some examples of situations where your civil liability insurance can be useful: your son breaks a classmate’s glasses at school, your dog bites a passerby, you accidentally break an item in a store, etc.

what is civil liability in france

What is civil liability?

« Civil liability » is a legal concept that involves the obligation for an individual to compensate others for damages they have caused. It is based on the principle that individuals should bear the consequences of their actions and are required to rectify harm done to others.

Civil liability can arise from various situations, including negligent acts, intentional behaviors, or legal violations. It may be applicable within contractual relationships (contractual civil liability) or outside of any contract, simply due to harmful actions (tortious civil liability).

In terms of insurance, civil liability is often covered by a liability insurance policy. This insurance provides financial protection to the insured in case of claims or legal proceedings resulting from bodily injury, property damage, or other types of harm caused to third parties.

In summary, civil liability is the legal responsibility to compensate others for damages, and liability insurance helps mitigate the financial consequences of such obligations.

You are responsible not only for the damage you may cause but also for that caused by the actions of individuals for whom you are responsible or by things under your care. This includes the acts of your children, your pet, your gardener, but also your trash bin if it falls from the balcony.

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What does Personal Liability Insurance cover?

It covers the policyholder for damages caused by:

  • Himself, due to carelessness or negligence
  • Individuals living under his roof: spouse, children, parents
  • Employees: housekeeper, babysitter, gardener…
  • His animals
  • Objects in his possession
  • Lack of maintenance of his owned property

Personal Liability Insurance protects you not only at home but also outside of your residence.

exclusions in personal liability insurance

What is generally not covered in a Personal Liability Insurance ?

  • Intentionally caused damages (known as intentional fault)
  • Damages you inflict upon yourself
    Professional activities that should be covered by Professional Liability Insurance
  • Damages caused to other individuals living under the same roof
  • Damages caused by a dangerous dog
  • Damages caused by a motor vehicle (covered by auto, motorcycle insurance…)
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Real example for a civil liability in France: 5,72€ per month

Peter - 35 years old

Customer profile?
Pierre is British and needs liability insurance as an expatriate in France for a duration of 1 year.

Subscribed guarantees:

Personal liability insurance and the legal defense and recourse coverage following an accident.

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Allianz insurance allows you to choose from a wide range of guarantees and options. You will therefore be able to take out the best insurance solutions to meet your needs.
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Peter Parker
Peter Parker
24. Août, 2022.
Perfect and quick service in English. Thanks
1. Juin, 2022.
Advisor very helpful today regarding a query about my pet insurance. I've been a client since 2002 for all areas of insurance needs and have always found this agency provide a great service.
Ann Marie Napthine
Ann Marie Napthine
25. Mai, 2022.
We were advised to contact the agency prior to the completion of the purchase of our new home in France and were so impressed with the service provided by Rebecca, that we have also insured both of our cars as well as our house with Allianz Assurance Ernee
Margaret Scott
Margaret Scott
16. Avril, 2022.
The customer service and communication were exceptional . Celine helped us understand an unfamiliar process and was active in bringing the process to resolution.
Jenny Bellamy
Jenny Bellamy
13. Avril, 2022.
Always helpful and very responsive, recommended *****
Adrian Pollock
Adrian Pollock
11. Avril, 2022.
Great support from Allianz.
Ellen A.
Ellen A.
10. Avril, 2022.
Wonderful agency. So very responsive and helpful, particularly for expats like us who require insurance coverage on French properties. English speakers. Documents provided in French and English. Top notch response on the one claim we had to submit a few years ago for a small electrical fire. Coverage saved us almost 1500 euros. Highly recommended.
Robert McConnell
Robert McConnell
8. Avril, 2022.
Very helpful and friendly staff who are super knowledgeable and helped me to not only get insurance but also register my new car in my name. The whole team is speak perfect English and moved my case along quickly when I had some time pressure by providing a temporary pass. Very happy that I went with this company!